Newborn gazelle dies at National Zoo

(Courtesy National Zoo)

The baby gazelle born in front of National Zoo guests just two weeks ago has died.

The Dama gazelle was born July 25 around 2:30 p.m. to mom Adara and dad Raul.

The zoo says a few lucky visitors got to witness the birth, as well as the gazelle's first steps.

Following the male fawn's birth, zookeepers noticed he wasn't gaining weight. Suspecting an infection, the fawn was started on antibiotics and fluid therapy.

Tuesday morning, the fawn had lost "significant weight, was very lethargic and was having difficulty breathing," zoo officials say.

He was humanly euthanized.

A necropsy will determine the cause of death, but a systemic bacterial infection is suspected.

Dama gazelles are a critically endangered species. Fewer than 500 remain in the wild.

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