New Year's Eve donations pour in at area Goodwill stores

“It’s the biggest day of the year for donations for us,” says Frank Zoby, the general manager at Arlington’s Goodwill store.

The line of cars outside the store would make Pit Row at a NASCAR race envious. The cars are directed in and quickly unloaded.

New Year’s Eve is a day non-profit donation centers like the Goodwill in Arlington plan for all year.

“We try to keep people happy in the line, keep the line moving forward and let them know they are going to get service pretty quickly,” says Zoby.

The steady line started moving first thing Monday morning and will keep moving until 8 p.m.

“I’ve been procrastinating all year and I figured today was the last day to do it and clear out the stuff I can’t use right now that somebody else probably can,” says Julie Garner.

“Trying to make sure I get my stuff in here for tax purposes, but also because every year this time I go through my stuff,” says Kathie Miller.

For some, donating to non-profit centers is an end-of-the-year ritual. The Goodwill in Arlington expected about 2,000 cars Monday.

Be it a few bags, a car load or a truck full of furniture, the donations come in.

Raymond Valadez is moving next week and says he wanted to make sure he dropped his old furniture off Monday to get the tax deduction.

“I’m killing two birds with one stone, so when they move us this Thursday it’s less we have to move,” he says.