New year brings new customers to local gyms

The arrival of 2012 means more people than any other time of the year are lifting, pedaling, climbing and stretching.

Meet the gym regulars who observe the annual phenomenon: Butch Murphy of Leesburg.

“I know January is the month I am going to have fight for parking,” Murphy says. “Fight for the machines."

Emily Neal of Fairfax.

"It is a little annoying but I am happy for anyone who wants to get back in shape,” she says.

Now meet the new year "resolutioners."

That's Nina Udeshi of Fairfax and Sam Vassallo of Hagerstown, who is coming back to the gym for 2012.

"I got down from about 260 to 205 and now I am back up to 220,” Vassallo says.

The massive lifetime facility in Centerville couldn't give exact numbers, but said several hundred new members signed up this month.

Despite jam packed exercise classes in January, One person says she welcomes the new blood. Lifetime offers monthly memberships so it's only good business to keep the new folks exercising.