New Woodson High School falling into disrepair, critics say

When the $100 million Woodson High School opened less than two years ago, alumni promised to ensure the school stayed pristine.

But now, there's concern it's already falling into disrepair and students are paying the price.

Earlier this week the only way students in wheelchairs could get up and down stairs was to be carried because the one elevator in the school was out of service.

And school watchdog Mary Jackson thought the central office was taking too long making the repairs. Jackson has had four children and three grandchildren attend Woodson.

"You cannot let this elevator break down one day because what's going to happen to the children?" Jackson says. "One elevator. When the school was built, we were promised three."

This is but one of many concerns Jackson has about maintaining the school that replaced the previous building. At the opening 19 months ago, Jackson was worried that it might not be taken care of.

Jackson tells ABC7 the building has unrepaired leaks that have damaged the stage lights in the auditorium, warping floors and stairs.

"The children are not tearing it up," Jackson says. "The maintenance people are not coming to fix little things when they break and little things turn into be big things."

The school system's response was that things break and things get repaired, what's the story?

Jackson points to the Woodson natatorium which politicians brag about. But it has been sitting unused the past 19 months because the school system's hired no one to run and maintain it, she says.