New website supports keeping 'Redskins' name

An image from the new website, . Photo: WJLA

A new website has gone online to support the name of the Washington Redskins. And some former players are said to support it.

The website was created on June 30 and was last updated three days ago.

Those who like the name are on the offensive. And the website -- -- is part of the playbook.

It’s packed with several video testimonials from Native Americans who support keeping the team name.

And it shows off the names of former players, calling them prominent supporters and sponsors of the website.

On the list: Gary Clark, Chris Cooley, and others.

But the site won’t change the opinions of many, including some major Native American organizations, who oppose the name on the basis of its history associated with the killing of Native Americans and its alleged racist connotation.

A spokesman for the team tells ABC7 they know of the site and totally support their effort.

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