New sushi bar in Del Ray will be for adults only

Photo: Hatzel Vela/ABC7

A restaurant in Del Ray that hasn't even opened yet is already getting plenty of buzz.

When it opens, The Sushi Bar in Del Ray will be exclusive to customers 18 years old and above.

Long time Alexandria restaurant owner Mike Anderson wanted something different.

"A good business person finds the need, fills it and executes it," Anderson says.

He's surprised, he says, at the outrage from some people, including more than a hundred comments on a local newspaper website.

But many of them are positive.

Michele Osinski says there are many other options and she is not sure why some would be offended.

"We love taking our kids out to eat, but it's also nice to have an option, where perhaps my husband and I can go have a date night," Osinski says.

Dana Blumel wonders if the neighborhood will embrace it.

"It's expensive to get a babysitter just to go out to dinner in your neighborhood," Blumel says.

Anderson says he surveyed many parents and most of them told him they wanted a place they could get away and not have to worry about their kids - or someone's else's.

"I think that it's perfectly fine to have an adult-only place and an option to please everybody," Brooke Murphey says.

But it was a tough decision for Anderson, because he knows Del Ray is very family oriented community.