New Montgomery County Schools chief of staff will make $165,000

Joshua Starr's new chief of staff was hired at the expense of three full-time positions. Photo: Montgomery County Schools

Three full-time staff positions and nearly $70,000 in funding for part-timers have been cut to make way to hire a new chief of staff for Montgomery County Public Schools Superintendent Joshua Starr, the Gazette says.

Andrew Zuckerman took over as Starr's chief of staff earlier this week at a salary north of $165,000, the Gazette says.

To clear room for that position, three jobs in three different departments will not be filled. In addition, funding for part-time counselors that assist schools with scheduling matters, will be eliminated.

Starr took over as superintendent in April of 2011 after several years as the head of schools in Stamford, Conn. The budget for the school district at the time he took over was more than $2 billion.