New Metro 7000-series cars unveiled

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Metro rolled out the ride of the future today: the 7000-series rail car. It will replace some of the decade-old cars currently running on Metro’s rails. And some passengers are anxious for the vintage models to be replaced.

"It seems like the system is at capacity, so anything that can be done to alleviate that," says one rider.

"People are are jumping and running on the trains and everybody is trying to jump through the doors and everyone is standing," adds another.

The new cars are designed for comfort and safety, and are especially designed to better withstand a crash, such as the fatal collision that claimed nine lives and injured dozens near the Takoma Park Station in June of 2009.

"I cannot wait to see the 7000-series cars operating on the line of Metro providing better protection for passengers," says NTSB Chair Deborah Hersman.

While the new cars hit the tracks today, it will be a while before passengers can actually board. On Monday, it was just VIP’s taking a test run.

"The seats are more comfortable, there's more leg room, the aisles are wider," describes one tester, Richard Sarles.

Over the next few months, Metro will evaluate the new car and make recommendations to the manufacturer. It already consulted passengers when calling for the initial design.