New leads, pictures released in alleged Ashburn sexual assault

The Loudoun County Sheriff's Office is still hunting for the suspect in an alleged March 18 sexual assault, and on Wednesday, they released new images of a tattoo on the suspect's wrist.

Authorities describe the suspect as a white male in his early 30s, 5'10" with blonde hair and a medium build. He's described as having a flat nose, a large mole or freckle on his neck and gapped teeth. He was wearing a gray, hooded sweatshirt with knots in the string.

The victim told police that at about 2 a.m., she was walking across the parking lot of Finnegan's restaurant at the Ashburn Village Shopping Plaza when she asked the suspect, in his black Jeep, if she could use his cell phone. She voluntarily got into the vehicle and the the suspect drove off and refused requests to stop.

He then allegedly sexually assaulted the victim and released her.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the sheriff's office at (703) 777-0475.