New Georgetown mascot: 'Jack Jr.' dubbed mascot-in-training

(Photo: Georgetown Athletics)

One of the new, trendy things to pull off as a college athletic program is to name a "coach-in-waiting," as has been done at Texas, Florida State and several other schools.

Georgetown has one-upped them. They've got a mascot-in-waiting.

The university is introducing Jack Jr., a bulldog puppy, to be the next mascot for the Hoyas. The puppy, dubbed "J.J.," will arrive on campus on April 13.

Jack the Bulldog, the current mascot who has been hampered by injury over the past few weeks, is preparing to train Jack Jr. for the rigorous task of representing the school. He's got big paws to fill - Jack the Bulldog ranks eighth amongst the 125 most famous dogs in pop culture, according to the American Kennel Club.

The lineage of Jack the Bulldog goes all the way back to 1962, when the first Jack was brought to campus. Legend dictates that the original puppy refused to answer to the name students gave him, Hoya, and only responded to Jack.

A hobby that all Jack's have shared over the years, the school says, is attacking and eating cardboard boxes bearing the logo of opposing schools during games.