New D.C. trash cans would be double the normal size

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Taking out the trash is just another on the long list of chores in every household, and in Washington, that happens once per week.

For years, though, District of Columbia residents have battled an unusual problem - the trash cans and recycling bins they've been provided by the city are just not big enough.

Residents often say they run out of space in their cans long before trash and recycling trucks make their weekly rounds through Washington's streets.

Mayor Vincent Gray has a plan, though, that includes providing 75,000 city residents with brand new 96-gallon cans and bins, which would be twice the size of their current models. By next summer, the mayor wants them at all households.

However, D.C. Council Chairman Phil Mendelson objects to the mayor taking $9 million in surplus cash out of the city's retiree health care fund to pay for them.

While some residents applaud the coming changes, some would rather that money go toward more efficient trash removal and recycling plans.

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