New D.C. speed cameras installed in nearly a dozen places

Photo: Flickr/takomabibelot

If you have the need for speed in the District, there are nearly a dozen new spots to look out for speed cameras.

A set of new enforcement cameras have been put into place in three of D.C.'s four quadrants, and some of them are in spots that police say are notorious for speeders.

The city is, in fact, pulling some speed cameras from some areas and shifting them to others, including on Texas Avenue and Massachusetts Avenue in Southeast and the busy K Street corridor near George Washington University.

Spots in Columbia Heights and on D.C. 295 are getting new speed cameras as well.

The District isn't hurting for revenue from these cameras, either. D.C. made $59 million off the cameras in fiscal year 2011, and in 2012, the city had made that much by the end of June.

While some city leaders still say that the cameras are in place for safety purposes, AAA Mid-Atlantic is once again crying foul.

"When you hide the device, it's no longer about traffic safety," AAA spokesman John Townsend said. "It's about entrapment."