New D.C. speed camera locations: Enforcement begins Thursday

(Photo: Brian Hopkins)

A series of new speed cameras in each quadrant of Washington has been deployed, and enforcement for the 27 new photo radar cameras is set to begin Thursday.

MPD officials say that 27 new photo radar speed cameras were deployed throughout the city in early May. Enforcement will begin on June 7.

The new locations join 78 other cameras that generate about $55 million for the city.

Officials say that the location of red light and, in this case, speed cameras in the District are based on the areas with high rates of crashes, injuries and high speed volumes.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety says there are{ }900 traffic deaths per month nationally.

To find out more about each new camera, click on the camera icons in the map below.

Proponents for the cameras say they're necessary to keep motorists safe.

"When people know they are more likely to get a ticket, they're less likely to break the law," Russ Rader, from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, said. "Speed cameras are effective because they enforce the law 24/7."

However, the familiar cries from drivers who don't want more cameras watching them say the city is just in it for the money.

"Now I'm creeping because you have to watch everywhere," D.C.-area resident Starr Callahan said. "They're putting them in the median on the roads so you have to watch out for the little box."

For a full list of fixed and mobile speed camera locations in the District, you can check out the Metropolitan Police Department's website.

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