New D.C. parking regulations opposed by AAA Mid-Atlantic

A new proposal could make parking in the District even harder and more expensive.

Changes to the city's zoning regulations proposed by the city's Office of Planning are designed to get rid of on-site parking requirements for new building constructed downtown.

The changes could mean that neighborhoods near Metro stations could see a 20 percent decrease in available parking spots, as well as stricter regulations for metered and off street parking.

In a statement, AAA Mid-Atlantic says that eliminating and putting restrictions on existing parking spots will exacerbate an already extremely difficult parking situation in the District. They also point to the fact that the city wrote 1.8 million parking tickets in 2012; they believe placing further caps on parking in D.C. would only drive that number up.

Planning officials for the new parking regulations says the zoning code "will help create a more walkable. sustainable city while enhancing the character of District neighborhoods." They used cities such as Boston, New York and Portland as places where similar changes had the effect they desire for Washington.

The District last changed its parking restrictions and zoning codes in the 1950s. The Office of Planning will submit a rewrite of the plan sometime this month.