Vincent Gray's reality show premieres on D.C. cable

D.C. Mayor Vincenty Gray can now add reality star to his resume.

A monthly show premiered{ }Tuesday night on D.C. cable,{ }titled “Inside One City … Conversations with D.C. Mayor Vincent C. Gray.”

A monthly cable broadcast on Channel TV-16 will focus on the inner workings of the D.C. government.

The first show, which broadcast Tuesday at 6 p.m., focused on the mayor’s summer programs for youths, adults and seniors.

"I am excited about my new show," said Gray in a statement. "It will provide me with another vehicle to directly reach District residents and share information about the inner workings of their government."

The mayor’s approval ratings have declined since he first took office as the D.C. government has been haunted by various scandals.

Gray has been embroiled in the Sulaimon Brown scandal for weeks. Brown has accused Gray of paying him during the election to bad-mouth former mayor Adrian Fenty in exchange for a job. Also, Gray fired his chief-of-staff after reports came out saying children of top officials received city jobs.

The program is a behind the scenes look at the Gray administration, and you can watch it On Demand.

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