Nelson Vaquiz, Virgina truck driver, charged with evading tolls

The driver used a device to shield his license plate and evade tolls in New Jersey. (Photo: Flickr/dahveed76)

NEW YORK (AP) — Police say a Virginia truck driver used a device out of a James Bond movie to get out of paying the toll on the New Jersey side of the George Washington Bridge.

Police say Nelson Vaquiz of Beaverdam, Va. used a cable in his truck cab to flip up his front license plate while going through a gateless E-ZPass lane toward New York.

They say his rear plate was bent up so it couldn't be read by cameras.

The Port Authority needs a clear picture of license plates so it can bill people who go through the EZ-Pass lanes without transponders.

Vaquiz was charged with theft of service, possession of burglar tools and eluding arrest. He was released on bail.

Calls to his business phone were not answered.