Neighbors recall hearing gunshots; father left dead in Southeast D.C.

Neighbors recall hearing gunshots; father left dead in Southeast D.C. ( Marcellus Green's family)

The memorial sits just off 28th street and there are stuffed animals, candles, and notes of remembrance.

The mementos have been placed just feet from where 39-year-old Marcellus Green was shot and killed early Saturday.

"This was an innocent," said Natisha Leak, of her ex-husband. "He was gunned down. Didn't have a chance."

"He was really nice, really respectful," recalls Myra Murray, a neighbor.

Leak says just after 1 a.m. Saturday, Green and their 11 year old son Isaiah went outside to get a breath of fresh air.

"They went on the porch," Leak says."About five minutes later, you hear 'pow, pow, pow, pow'".

Leak says she panicked, and ran screaming for her son, outside.

"I look five feet to my right, and Marcellus was lying on the ground in the alley, dead," she says.

Murray says she heard the shots from her bedroom next door.

She also ran out, and encountered a chaotic scene.

"I saw the gentleman stumble over and fell right here," she said, pointing to a spot in an alley near the memorial.

"People started screaming and hollering. Just everything went crazy," she added.

Witnesses told police a car rolled by, with several men inside.

Suddenly, with guns drawn, they jumped out.

"They start shooting, at the people standing in this area," says Joe Waker, a community activist. "People had to duck behind a truck."

Leak says Isaiah was standing right next to his father, before a neighbor pulled him to safety.

"He saw the the shooters, they didn't have on any masks, or anything," Leak says. "They jumped out of the car and sprayed. He saw his father be mowed down."

After a pursuit by police,officers arrested 22 year old Steven Pugh of Southwest, and 22-year old Marrico Knight of Southeast.

Both men are in custody, facing first degree murder charges.

Police have not released a motive, but Leak says she's been told the two suspects were 'trigger happy' and wanted to show 'this is how we shoot our guns', in her words.

"I was told my son put his hands up and said what's up," Leak adds. "I don't know if they took that as a gang sign or something bad, and they said 'oh yeah', and started spraying."

Amid their grief, the family is also concerned for the health of Green's three children, especially Isaiah.

They say too many young men are being killed on the streets of the District.

"A lot of it is just senseless," says Darryl Leak, Natisha's husband. "It's over nothing."

Leak is putting out an urgent plea for the violence to stop.

"Just if nothing more, respect each other as human beings," she says. "They don't know the devastation and the loss they have caused to this family."

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