Navy Yard shooting: Volunteers renovate home of victim

A team of volunteers is renovating the family home of a Navy Yard shooting victim. Annandale resident Marty Bodrog, 54, left behind a wife and three daughters.

Bodrog is said to have been among the first victims of the shooting rampage in September. But to family and friends, he was much more than that.

Neighbor John Rutherford said, “[He was] a great friend with a huge heart. If the tables were turned and this happened to one of our other friends, Marty would be right here.”

When a leak in the foundation the family's home resulted in significant water damage and mold, Immanuel Bible Church and volunteers from the Annandale Home Depot stepped in to help.

The entire basement is being redone. Meanwhile, upstairs walls have been repainted and doors have been replaced.

All of the project materials have been donated – worth an estimated $6500 in value. Over the course of the two day renovation, dozens of Home Depot workers will volunteer on their day off.

“I know Marty wanted to really fix the home up for his family and have it last a long time,” said Home Depot Foundation Specialist Courtney Smith. “Unfortunately, he was unable to get those projects completed. And so we feel like it's our responsibility and honoring his service to our country to finish these projects for this family.”

The volunteers said it's hard not to think about their own families while working on the home.

Volunteer David Mietus said, “I have three daughters myself. And yeah, what a tragedy to lose a parent… I think about that.”

The group hopes this effort will mean one less worry for Bodrog's family. After such a devastating loss, it was a labor of love.