Navy Yard shooting: No red flags raised in Aaron Alexis 2007 security clearance

WASHINGTON (WJLA) -- While there are still many questions surrounding Aaron Alexis’ actions on Monday, the government, the military, and the private contractor involved all claim that no red flags surfaced during his initial security clearance in 2007.

The Office of Personnel Management reviewed the 2007 background investigation file for Alexis, and the agency believes that the file was complete and in compliance with all investigative standards.

Government contractor USIS performed Alexis’ background investigation – the same company who did the security screening on NSA leaker Edward Snowden. USIS is one of three companies that the Office of Personnel Management contracts with and collectively performs 70-percent of the government’s security screenings.

A spokesman for USIS declined a request for comment on Alexis’ screening, saying only that they are contractually prohibited from retaining case information.

One security screener, who does not work for USIS, reached out to ABC7, complaining of inadequate regulations and much-needed government reform.

"I would love to say it would have prevented it, but we never know that for sure," said Senator Jon Tester with the Homeland Security Committee. He has been pushing legislation to change the background check process since the Snowden case surfaced.

“There's not a lot of transparency in the background check process," he continued. "The SCORE Act would allow us some transparency, so as policy-makers we could make the change necessary to make this thing work, or put the clamps on the people who are not doing it properly."