Nationals want D.C. to pay for Metro running after late games

The Navy Yard station serves Nationals fans during every game. © 2012 by thisisbossi, used under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

After Metro-riding fans were stranded following Tuesday night's 13-inning Nationals game, the team is asking the city of D.C. to pay for keeping Metro open late if they reach the playoffs.

But according to our partners at WTOP, that would cost about $29,500 per hour to keep the Metro running late.

During a meeting, the Nats also asked the city to help with additional police, street closures and concession stands on the streets around the stadium.

City Councilmember Tommy Wells says other sports teams like the Washington Capitals pay for the extended Metro hours and so should the Nationals.

"They paid for it in past seasons," Wells says. "I don't understand why the Nationals don't pay what they need to pay."

Monday night's 13-inning victory by the Nats over the Atlanta Braves was one of the most thrilling of the season. However, for Nats fans who took Metro to the game and stayed to see the conclusion of the 5-4 win, getting home was a different story.

The game, which lasted nearly 4 1/2 hours and ended well after midnight, went longer than Metro trains run, stranding plenty of fans outside the Navy Yard-Ballpark station and sent them scrambling for an alternate way to get home.

Metro has agreements with local sports teams to keep its 86 stations open should games go long. But, according to WTOP, the Nationals and WMATA do not have such an agreement .

Teams pay WMATA to keep the system past scheduled times. But until there's such a deal with the Nats, fans may have to make a choice - support the team until the end or get home on time.

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