Nationals vs. Cardinals: Excitement continues at Nationals Park

(Photo: John Gonzalez)

Following the euphoria that set in when the ball Jason Werth hit in the bottom of the ninth last night landed over the left field wall, there is Friday a love hangover between the team and its love struck fans.

Last night's game winning home run is now a memory. But it will go down in local baseball history and will also become a part of our shared history. People will remember where they were when Werth scored.

“This team is so incredible I have actually changed my running route and I take a lap around the stadium everytime they are in town for good luck and so far it's worked,” says fan Mark Wolfson.

So the Nats live to play another day. And fans flocked Friday morning to the ticket stands at the stadium hoping for another chance to be a part D.C. baseball history.

“We are desperately trying to find tickets for tonight's game,” said Sam Rodilosso. “Love the Nationals. Love them. Just love them.”

The bad news for Rodilosso is that by mid-morning, most all tickets for Friday night’s deciding game five with the St. Louis Cardinals were sold.

The only tickets left were high priced suite seats.

But for some die-hards like Ramon Vasquez, the $375-a-ticket price tag was a small price to pay to be here and part of one more night of this storybook season.

“It's worth it to be a part of history,” he says.