National Zoo's panda cub now weighs nearly 11 pounds

Photo: Smithsonian's National Zoo

(WJLA) - The National Zoo's panda cub is getting bigger and bigger!

The cub now weighs 10.8 pounds and is responding to the noises she hears. When keepers enter the den to grab her for exams, she orients herself toward them. Keepers have also been talking more when they are around{ }the cub,{ }hoping to make her more familiar with their voices.{ }

The cub took her first few groggy steps over the weekend.{ }

The nearly 3-month-old cub was born to Mei Xiang on Aug. 23.{ }

Mei Xiang's{ }little girl{ }will finally be named on Dec.{ }1; in China, it is tradition to name a panda cub when it turns 100 days old.{ }

Voters have until Friday night to vote from five Mandarin Chinese names: Bao Bao, Mulan, Ling Hua, Long Yun, and Zhen Bao.{ }Over 115,000 votes have already been cast. Click here to learn what each name means and to cast your vote!{ }

What's the cub up to right now? Check her out on the Panda Cam!