Panda born day 2: National Zoo hopes to get closer look at day-old panda

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Visitors to the National Zoo are panda crazy this weekend.

Panda fans, are ecstatic about Friday's birth of a new cub.

Kaitlin Hoey and her family made a special side trip here.

“They're just really cute. And they're really nice and quiet animals,” she says.

Zookeepers made two attempts at examining the cub Saturday, but Mei Xiang was cradling the cub and officials were unable to take it for a closer examination, zoo spokeswoman Pamela Baker-Masson said. They planned to try again Sunday.

During the exam, officials will try to listen to the cub's heart and lungs, record its weight and collect a DNA sample.

The cub born Friday evening is Mei Xiang's third, but the cub she gave birth to last year died after living just a week. Before that, her last cub was born in 2005.

Zookeepers plan to be more hands-on with this cub after last year's death.

The giant panda began showing behavioral changes consistent with pregnancy weeks ago. Keepers said she began eating less and shredding bamboo for a nest.

Video courtesy of the Smithsonian National Zoo.

The Associated Press contributed to this story.