National Park Service gives notice to Occupy DC for cleanup in McPherson Square

The National Park Service wants to get McPherson Square spruced up after months of Occupy DC protests there, but they face several roadblocks.

The main problem is that Occupiers are still there, six months after they first moved in.

The other problem is the cost of resodding the park, which had just been refurbuished right before the Occupy movement began.

Today, workers from the National Park Service started spring cleaning at McPherson Square.

Last fall, a $430,000 renovation project beautified the square. Then the Occupy DC tents moved in.

Now only a dozen tents remain, but it's a still of mess of mud and holes. It will cost about $8,000 to replace the grass.

The problem? How to get the Occupiers to move their tents so the grounds can be fixed up.

This morning, Park Police gave them notice.

But Occupiers vow to stay and one says the project is "another form of harrassment."

A camping ban enforced since February requires occupiers to leave the park at night. They sleep on sidewalks across the street.

Many Office workers say they avoid the park. On a sunny day the benches are nearly empty...

Contrast that with another park two blocks away. It's packed with lunch-timers.