National Cathedral vandalism: Crews continue to remove paint

Cleanup continues at the National Cathedral after two chapels were vandalised by green paint Monday.{ }

Cathedral staff say most of the paint was removed from the Children's Chapel within 24 hours of the vandalism. Gold Leaf Studios plans to complete the cleaning by Thursday evening.{ }

The Children's Chapel could possibly re-open Friday.{ }

Crews are having a harder time removing the paint from the Bethlehem Chapel. Paint has been removed from the slate flooring and the organ pipes, as well as the organ console keys.{ }

Removing the paint from the decorative wood carving of the organ case is taking crews longer than they expected. Once they remove the paint, they will need to touch up the staining and finish to match the chapel's woodwork.{ }

Work in the Bethlehem Chapel is expected to be complete late next week.{ }

Cleaning costs have been estimated to be $15,000. This comes on top of the $20 million in restoration and historic preservation costs that the Cathedral is already facing because of the 2011 earthquake.{ }

Jiamei Tian, 58, was arrested Monday and charged with defacing the Cathedral.{ }

Meanwhile, crews continue to remove vandalism on the Lincoln Memorial after the statue was stained with green and white paint on July 26. Most of the paint was removed by an initial cleaning Friday after it was discovered.{ }

Almost a week after it was vandalised, the statue still shows faint signs of green staining.{ }Conservators{ }had hoped{ }that a fourth cleaning process would remove the last signs of the vandalism, but decided to apply a fifth application of the cleaning process Thursday night.{ }

The darkest stains remain below Abraham Lincoln's right foot, on his left leg and on an arm chair.{ }
{ }
Green paint was also discovered{ } on a statue outside the Smithsonian Institution headquarters and at a church and statue of Martin Luther in downtown Washington.{ }