National Cathedral bells source of strife for some D.C. residents

(WJLA) - Their sounds have echoed from the towers of the National Cathedral for 50 years. But on this Memorial Day afternoon, some feel like it’s gone on that long just throughout today.

"They can be pretty loud...actually, it's one of the complaints I have about living here," says Dan Mullaney.

Just steps away from the cathedral, Mullaney is among those praying for silence on the anniversary for those famous bells:

"It can be distracting --on holidays, it can be."

Especially when, as part of this holiday, the bells chimed for hours on end every day this weekend. It’s a badge of honor for the ringers, but it has taken its toll on those who live in this building and have put out fliers asking people to call their councilwoman and complain.

But others say to let them ring. Kate Ausbrook made a special trip to hear the full hour peal of the bells:

"I think it's wonderful there are ten people up there pulling those bell strings, and we want to support them."

She can’t lend an arm herself, but an ear is enough – although Kate is quick to close hers to critics.

"My guess is the cathedral was there before they chose the apartment or house," she says. "It's a beautiful cathedral. I just feel like it's being part of one big city, and let's just share the love."