National Air and Space Museum reopening Sunday after protest, pepper spraying

A scuffle between protesters and police led to the closure of the Air and Space Museum on Saturday. (Photo: WJLA)

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WASHINGTON (AP) — The National Air and Space Museum is open for business and crowded with visitors, a day after demonstrators swarmed the building to protest a drone exhibit.

Museum spokeswoman Isabel Lara says the museum opened on schedule at 10 a.m. Sunday and there have been no changes to its security procedures.

The museum closed early Saturday afternoon after security guards used pepper spray to repel more than 100 demonstrators who were told they could not enter the building while carrying signs. A number of protesters were sickened by the spray.

The group that arrived at the museum Saturday included individuals taking part in the October 2011 Stop the Machine demonstration in the city's Freedom Plaza, which has an anti-war and anti-corporate greed message.

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