Nahshon Kornegay sentenced to 10 years for pimping in Rockville

Nahshon Kornegay. (Photo: Montgomery County State's Attorney Office)

Convicted in January, Nahshon Kornegay of District Heights was sentenced Wednesday to 10 years and 6 months in prison for selling the services of two women he set up in a room at the Twinbrook Hilton on Rockville Pike.

Kornegay put ads on the Backpage website and collected the prostitutes' earnings every day under threat of violence.

On his LinkedIn page, Kornegay portrays himself as CEO of Exclusive Entertainment. He claims he represents athletes and models. In reality he is something else.

"Nahshon Kornegay is a 21st century pimp, a human trafficker of the worst order," says Ramone Korionoff, Montgomery County State's Attorney spokesperson.

Many are surprised, even shocked about what was going on in the upscale residential, retail and business neighborhood.

ESPN Radio host Andy Pollin works right across the street. He tells ABC7 he had no clue.

In court, prosecutors presented evidence that Kornegay continues to pimp the mother of his own child and several other women by phone and still operates websites even while locked up.

Kornegay told the judge it is what the women choose to do. His lawyer said there are no victims. The law disagrees.

"These women were victims and our community is a victim," Korionoff says.