Mystery solved behind metal that crashed into Herndon home

HERNDON, Va. (WJLA) - Abbie Baker came home a few days ago to find a hole in her roof and a mysterious metal object in her dining room. She suspected it fell from a passing plane. But FAA officials determined it came from a wood chipper.

"I'm glad there's no airplane going around with a part missing but I would worry for anyone living next to one of these construction sites," explained Abbie Baker. "And one of these is right there."

Little did Baker realize the culprit, which ABC7 found, was sitting only about a block from her house. The tub grinder belongs to Earth Crafters. The company's owner confirms the object - a grinding tooth - came from his machine. He says in all the years he's had this piece of equipment, it's never been so accidentally destructive.

The machine's owner stresses his profound regret over what happened and plans on meeting with Abbie Baker to pay for her damaged home. He says he'll also move the machine farther back to make sure debris doesn't hit any homes.