Myra Cason's friends, family pay tribute to the murdered former school teacher

Why anyone would hurt Myra Cason haunts her friends and family.

“She was my best friend… [now there is a] void that can’t be filled…with her gone,” said Myra’s sister, Clo Gaither.

They gathered Sunday night in a Glen Burnie parking lot off Ritchie Highway to mark two years since the retired school teacher was murdered only steps from this memorial.

Cason was found shot, multiple times, inside her Suzuki Sidekick. The 63 year old, with no arrest record, may have been the victim of a robbery according to police. But no one knows for sure. And no one has been arrested.

“I don't believe that she's rock, my best friend,” said her son, Orlondo Sewell.

They returned to the parking lot to honor a beloved life—and to remind their community that despite evils reach—justice is possible.