Denise, Jason Taffe killed in Clinton domestic murder-suicide

Denise Taffe was shot and killed inside a Clinton home Wednesday. (Family photo)

A 41-year-old Clinton woman was shot and killed Wednesday night by her estranged husband, who then turned the gun on himself, authorities say.

The suspected-murder suicide happened just after 10 p.m. Friday in the 7700 block of Pinewood Drive, where 41-year-old Denise Taffe lived.

Prince George's County Police believe that her estranged husband, 47-year-old Jason, came down to the Clinton home from his Silver Spring residence and got into an argument with her.

When the argument got physical, police say Jason pulled out a shotgun and killed Denise. He then shot himself. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.

Just moments before gunfire echoed through the quiet neighborhood, Shanice Dixon saw Jason Taffe walking past her house. She sensed something was wrong and backed out of sight.

“I think he was either drunk or crazy or something must be going on in his mind,” she says.

Just moments later, the sound of gunshots echoed through this neighborhood. Dixon says the sound terrified her little brother.

Neighbors say the Taffe's lived in the neighborhood for about a decade. They believe the father was a strict disciplinarian who filled his home with military memorabilia.

While neighbors are shocked about the killings they are heartbroken for the Taffe's two children, a young son and college age daughter Lisa. B

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