Mumbo sauce trademark belongs to Chicago company, trademark judge rules

The owner of Capitol City Mumbo Sauce was ruled against by a judge. Photo: justgrimes/Flickr

Mumbo sauce has long been the flavor that defines Washington, D.C. However, according to the Washington Post, it doesn't legally belong to D.C.

A ruling by the Trademark Trial and Appeal Board upheld that Select Brands, a barbecue company based in Chicago, owns the trademark for the term "mumbo sauce."

The Post says that their trademark, which was granted in the late 1950s, was challenged by the founder of Capital City Mumbo Sauce. However, a trademark judge ruled that Capital City was not able to prove that the term "mumbo sauce" was more generic than specific.

As reported by the Washington City Paper, Arsha Jones started started Capitol City Mumbo Sauce in 2011 and sells her bottled sauce online.