Minnesota Avenue shooting injures four in Northeast Washington

Photo: Jennifer Donelan/WJLA

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The suspect in Wednesday's quadruple shooting on Minnesota Avenue told one of the victims that he would "make sure you'll never walk again," according to police records.

Victor Leon Coley, a 51-year-old Northeast resident, was taken into custody Wednesday in connection with the shooting of four people. He will be charged with four counts of assault with intent to kill.

Four people - three men and a women - were injured in the Wednesday afternoon shooting, which took place outside a Payless Shoe Source in the 3900 block of Minnesota Avenue.

Two of the victims shot in the chest and back are listed in critical condition. It's unclear whether the elderly woman was with the group or waiting at a bus stop nearby.

Just before the shooting, one of the other victims told police that he heard a man arguing with Coley. During that argument, Coley threatened the victim and left for a short period of time.

About 15 minutes later, police say Coley returned and open fire on the man he had argued with.

Among the injured were three men, who were shot in the chest, back and finger, and one woman, who was shot in the leg. All four victims were conscious and breathing when transported.

Sources say one of the most seriously wounded men ran across the street and collapsed inside a liquor store. The gunman, sources say, ran into an apartment building on Clay Street.