Charlie Sheen fallout?

It appears there’s some fallout from the police escort incident involving Charlie Sheen and his ride from the airport.

Documents obtained by ABC7 reveal that the captain and lieutenant responsible for the special operations have been moved out of their jobs.

MPD Chief Lanier denies the moves have anything to do with the Sheen incident, but the Fraternal Order of Police disputes that.

“We put out a teletype on details and transfers every Friday,” said Lanier. “Numerous personnel changes were made for the efficiency of the Department. None of those personnel actions on Friday’s teletype were disciplinary in nature related to this investigation. The Sheen investigation is still ongoing.”

The two officers are under investigation for allegedly signing off on the security detail that escorted actor Charlie Sheen when he was in town last month for his performance at Constitution Hall.

On Wednesday, police spokeswoman Officer Tisha Tant denied any wrongdoing to ABC7, saying that the transfers were part of a routine personnel change.

But not everyone agrees.

“It’s very difficult for anybody to take the Chief’s assertion that this wasn’t related the Sheen Investigation seriously,” said Kris Baumann, head of the MPD union. “Given the Department’s failure to provide accurate and consistent information about this matter, I don’t know why anyone would believe what they are saying now.”

According to the documents, Lieutenant Stuart Emerman has been transferred to a school security detail in the 3rd District. Capt. Robert Atcheson is moving to a similar position in the 3rd District.

Baumann says Lanier has been inconsistent at best in her handling of the incident.

“In this case, you are taking folks who have worked their way all the way up to be at SOD (Special Operations) and then moving them out into the district,” Baumann said. “It's a clear message that these individuals are in disfavor.”

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