MPD's troubles

In May, an MPD officer was charged in the deaths of his girlfriend and their 1-year-old baby. Last month, another officer was charged with stealing more than $43,000 from an 85-year-old woman.

Three more officers were caught buying stolen merchandise. And one officer is accused of helping her boyfriend break into homes.

The number of officers arrested so far this year is not only an increase for the D.C. police, it’s far more than surrounding police departments.

So far this year, four Prince George’s officers have been arrested. Montgomery County police report three of their officers have been charged with crimes and in Fairfax, no officers have been arrested this year.

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier is trying to determine if there is any common link between all the arrests. She tells ABC7 that the department is implementing more rigorous background checks for new officers.

Councilmember Phil Mendelson, who oversees the police department, says he’s concerned and would hold public hearings if investigations find there is a systemic breakdown.