MPD officer escorts former Ballou student to prom with 200 motorcycles

(WJLA) - Every year, MPD Officer Edwin Buckner organizes motorcycle riders to escort the Ballou High School students who win his essay contest, to the prom.

But this year, he has added a young woman who missed her prom six years ago after being expelled from Ballou for fighting.

"I had just made honor roll before I got put out of Ballou," says Alexis Hawkins.

There is no question that she deserved it, but Hawkins says that a group called “Peaceoholics” took her on a civil rights tour of the South, and it affected her deeply.

"Being on the ground where blood was shed and i vowed to myself that my eucation was more important," she says.

Hawkins got her GED, enrolled in Bennett College in North Carolina, joined the Delta sorority, and just received her degree in criminal justice. Now, unbeknownst to her, she will have the chance to live out that exciting night.

"She's at home getting dressed, so she doesn't know we're coming to pick her up,” says Officer Buckner, who told Hawkins earlier on Friday that he was taking her to dinner to celebrate. But hours later, he arrived at her home with 200 motorcycles and a party bus.

"I finally get to go to a prom," says Alexis.