MPD investigating officer-involved shooting in SE D.C.

(Photo: Andy Zmidzinski)

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A D.C. family is outraged after police opened fire and killed a 19 year old man.

Kevin Bolden was shot between 8-10 times in the 800 block of 51st Street in Southeast.

Police say at approximately 2:20 pm on Wednesday officers responded to a report of a drug complaint. A crime suppression unit comprised of officers in plainsclothes wearing marked police vests arrived on the block.

While investigating, an individual pulled a handgun and fired at the officers, according to police. Two veteran officers fired back during a foot chase.

But Bolden's family does not believe the police version of facts. His mother has questions, beginning with how many times her son was shot.

Numerous residents describe hearing at least 15 gunshots; others said it was as many 30 gunshots echoing through the neighborhood.

On reports that some of the shots were in the back, sources say the gunshot wounds in the back may be exit wounds.

Family members admit they weren't there at the scene when it happened.

Police sources say there are neighbors who saw it happen and they back up the officers' report.

MPD Chief Cathy Lanier was on the scene moments after the shooting.

The family will have to wait for the autopsy to find out exactly how many times he was shot and if those gunshot wounds in his back are entrance or exit wounds.

In the meantime, an investigation into the shooting itself is underway.

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