D.C. traffic cameras at 15 new locations

      WASHINGTON (WJLA) - The Metropolitan Police Department announced on Monday that it will be deploying 15 new photo-enforcing cameras -- 14 for speed, and one for oversize vehicles.

      This stretch of Monroe Street in Northeast D.C. is a favorite cut-through route for the big-wheelers, even though they are supposed to steer clear in this neighborhood of older homes. And it is becoming a huge problem.

      "It shakes the houses when the 18-wheeler comes can feel the house shake," says resident Joshua Gilchrist. "Some houses might have shaky foundations, and it can cause fractures."

      Now, D.C. Police are announcing a new traffic camera just for these vehicles in the 1800 block of Monroe Street, which is designed to snag them cutting through the area - and many say it's about time.

      "You have main avenues like Rhode Island and South Dakota Avenues -- they don't need to be here, this is a residential street," says Reginald Lee.

      It's just the latest in a series of new traffic enforcement cameras citywide to also catch speeders, stop sign runners, and crosswalk violators. The rollout officially began last fall.

      But not everyone thinks the problem here warrants a camera and ticketing.

      "If that's the best way for them to go and they're not harming anything, it's all right," says resident Barbara Scott.

      However, those who welcome enforcement say they hope it will make truckers stick to the main roads.

      According to an MPD press release, there will be a thirty-day educational phase for the cameras beginning on May 20, during which violators will receive warning citations. After thirty days of warning tickets, the MPD will start to issue actual citations.

      The new photo enforcement locations are as follows:

      District / Description / Type / Speed Limit

      2 / 4600 blk Massachusetts Ave NW nw/b / Speed / 252 / 3900 blk Cathedral Ave NW nw/b / Speed / 252 / 2600 blk Wisconsin s/b NW / Speed / 252 / 4600 blk Reservoir Rd NW nw/b / Speed / 253 / 2200 blk 18th St NW n/b / Speed / 254 / 3600 blk Georgia Ave s/b NW / Speed / 304 / 4600 blk Arkansas Ave NW sw/b / Speed / 255 / 1800 blk Monroe St NE w/b / Oversized / 255 / New York Ave e/b @ Bladensburg Rd NE / Speed / 355 / 2200 blk Rhode Island Ave NE ne/b / Speed / 305 / 3600 blk South Dakota Ave NE ne/b / Speed / 256 / 4600 blk N H Burroughs Ave NE nw/b / Speed / 256 / 200 blk 44th St NE s/b / Speed / 257 / 2500 blk Martin Luther King Ave SE n/b / Speed / 257 / 4200 blk 6th St SE s/b / Speed / 25

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