Mountain View High track team knits hats for cancer patients

The boys knit hats for charity and donate them to cancer patients who have lost their hair to chemo.

A local high school track and field team is doing something a bit unusual to prepare for competition.

At Mountain View High School, the boy’s track and field team is hardcore, the competition is tough and the races are tight.

“You have a lot of adrenaline pumping,” says Alexander Burlingame.

“The more relaxed you can stay before the race the better,” says Ben Sorensen.

To relax, the team knits.

“We’ll just sit in the room and knit,” says Sorensen.

“When we first saw it we’re like what are they doing?” laughs Megan Brady, a senior.

But no one’s laughing at them now. The boys are knitting hats for charity, donating them to cancer patients who have lost their hair to chemo.

“Just put a smile on their face, giving them something they like, brighten their day up a little bit,” says teammate Ryan Glavy.

They work with other groups and hospitals to get the hats to the patients.

“I just want them to know that people do care and people really are still there for them,” says Burlingame.

“They’re not worried about what other people think, they’re just worried about doing what they think is the right thing to do,” says their coach.

The boys say as long as there are people suffering from cancer they’ll keep knitting hats for them.

In addition to donating hats to cancer patients, the boys sell hats and use all the proceeds to buy more yarn.