Mount Vernon police-involved shooting injures one man

(Photo: Flickr/cliff1066)

Fairfax County Police officers were involved in the shooting of a man in Mount Vernon early Monday afternoon, officials say.

The shooting happened in an apartment the 5700 block of Olde Mill Court in Mount Vernon. According to officials, police responded to the the Olde Mille Court Condominiums to serve a warrant for his arrest on destruction of property charges.

Then, police say, when the man opened the door, he had a knife and lunged at the officers.

"There was a confrontation and the individual did not comply with the orders by the police," Fairfax County Police spokesperson Lucy Caldwell said.

After the suspect, who has not yet been identified, produced the weapon, officers fired at him, hitting him in the upper chest. The suspect was flown to an area medical center in an unknown condition.

"I just heard a pop," neighbor Robin Rompler-Felton said. "I heard them say 'Stop fighting, stop fighting,' and then a pop."

Neighbors tell ABC 7 News that the man had lived in the area for a long time. The man had allegedly been smashing windshields and windows in the area.