Mount Rainier Skate Park noise draws ire of local residents

(Photo: Flickr/RhinoNeal)

The noise comes like clockwork every day in normally-quiet Mount Rainier.

Moments after school lets out in the small Prince George's County city, kids start hitting the Mount Rainier Skate Park.

The fun for these skaters, though, comes much to the dismay of some neighbors who have come to hate the noise. For some, it was too much to even bear, forcing some residents to move away.

"It's the kind of noise that catches you off guard," Mount Rainier resident Fred Levazzo said. "You're trying to relax, and it's 'clackety clackety clack' all day long."

Neighbors near the park, which sits at the corner of 37th Street and Wells Avenue, have gotten so vocal that the city is trying to find a solution for the noise problem.

The mitigation options aren't cheap. A noise barrier is among the proposed solutions, but officials say that would cost more than $100,000. They're also thinking about turning it into a dirt bike park, which would force skaters out of the location.

The complaints of residents isn't falling on receptive ears from skaters, though.

"This is something they've known about, so I say tough," skater Brooks Welch said. "You had the opportunity to go to council meetings to say you didn't want it."