Mount Rainier Police officer shoots carjacker

Prince George's County Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in Capitol Heights, Maryland Saturday morning.

Investigators say an off-duty Mount Rainier police officer fired at a man multiple times to defend himself during an attempted carjacking.

Residents in the Glacier Avenue neighborhood awoke to the sound of gunshots around 6 a.m. Saturday morning.

Police call it an attempted carjacking involving the officer's pickup truck parked outside his house.

"I heard, 'Get out of my car, get out of my car,'" says Daniel Washington.

"The next thing I know, (knocks on his door) beating on the glass, with something like a weapon or something. Next thing I know, I heard shots."

Witnesses say they heard at least four gunshots.

It's unclear whether the gunfire occurred during a face-to-face encounter or while the alleged carjacker was trying to drive away.

Neighbors say it appears the pickup backed up into another vehicle parked on the road.

Police apprehended the man at the scene. He's now in critical condition at an area hospital. Authorities say the officer suffered minor injuries.

Residents are concerned. One woman says "normally that time of morning, I'm walking to the bus to go to work--- so I could've been caught in it."

So far, no charges have been filed.