Mother, toddler struck by vehicle in Georgetown

The vehicle allegedly involved in the incident. (Photo: Stephen Tschida)

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - A 2-year-old and mother were struck by a vehicle in the heart of Georgetown Monday.

Police say the pedestrians were struck at 26th and P streets northwest. Both are conscious and breathing and the driver of the vehicle that hit them stayed on the scene.

Witnesses say the Mercedes struck the woman as she carried her son across the street.

“She just got hit and as you can see she tried to protect the baby and she and the baby went through the windshield,” says Jean Pierre Sarfati, a witness.

Witnesses say the car kept rolling forward even after the driver struck the woman, identified by witnesses as Cathy Alter and her little boy.

Alter and her little boy apparently were coming from the nearby park. others who use this park or just walk this street say crossing here is wrought with danger.

Richard Cho says the Mercedes was inches from running them over. After they were thrown to the pavement the driver stopped.

“It seemed like she didn't see what was happening and maybe she wasn't aware that a child and a woman was in front of her car,” Cho says. “I don't know how that is possible because her windshield was broken.”

Just days ago, someone crossing P Street at an intersection a few blocks from here also was struck and injured.

“I am surprised it hasn't happened more often I think it is a real serious problem police really have to be on the look-out for people just blowing through the stop signs it happens every day,” says Rush Jacobsen, a Georgetown resident.

The mother and child were rushed to the hospital. She needed follow-up care. but the little boy apparently escaped injury.