Mother says son bullied by staff at Georgetown camp for wearing Duke logo

The mother of a participant at a Georgetown basketball camp is exasperated after she says her 10-year-old son was hazed for wearing the logo of a rival team.

Christy Chang, whose 10-year-old son, Cameron, has been participating at a Georgetown University basketball game, says he was hazed because he was wearing a t-shirt bearing the logo of the Duke Blue Devils.

"If you are wearing something different, or if you are different, you're going to be hazed, tortured and made fun of," she said.

Chang says that camp staff repeatedly taped over the Duke logo on Cameron's shirt - as many as four times in his stomach and torso area alone.

"Each time he ripped it off, they'd do it harder and harder," she said."

Another participant at the camp, 10-year-old Alex Kapelini, says he saw similar incidents to the one that happened to Chang when he went to the same camp.

"Normally, the kids would just take it off, and then they would retape it harder each time," Alex said.

In a statement, Georgetown University spokesperson Stacy Kerr said that the camp is disappointed a participant had a negative experience.

"The Georgetown Basketball School takes great pride in both the camp and providing all campers with a learning experience in a safe, fun and positive atmosphere," Kerr said.

Kerr added that none of the camp's counselors reported that anything out of the ordinary had happened.

In another incident, parent Lisa O'Neil says she witnessed kids coming out of the camp with their shirts inside out, but she thinks parents should know better than dressing their kids in the gear of rival teams.

O'Neil said her son, who wore a Notre Dame shirt, was told that they had to show him that he was at Georgetown.

Chang says that she spoke to assistant coach Michael Brennan about the incident, but ABC 7's attempts to interview him were denied. In the meantime, she says he wants an apology from the coaches who she says treated him this way.

"Please pull those coaches aside, bring them to him and apologize to him because this has been very traumatic," she said.