Mother accuses D.C. school of ignoring son's illness

WASHINGTON (WJLA) - Tyesha Ford says her 9-year-old son Blake told his teacher at D.C. Scholars Charter School in Southeast Monday that he was hot and had a headache. He suffers from Sickle Cell, a blood disorder.

"He got up and told his teacher 'I am hot I do not feel good,'" explained Ford, "She said go get some water sit back and do your work. He said he had his hand on his head on the desk. She kept saying 'Blake do your work.'"

Ford says after her son made repeated attempts to tell the teacher he was sick, he took matters into his own hands and walked out three hours later. He went to the front office and asked them to call someone.

Last June, she said her son suffered a heart attack and said the school knew about it all.

"They have all the necessary documents," said Ford. "I had a meeting with the principal explaining his conditions and the things that follow. They have all the paperwork they copy at the front desk. I also went to each one of his teachers."

That didn't appear to help Monday. Instead, she claims the school put her son on a bus in the rain. A relative picked him up and met her at the Metro. When she saw him, he could barely walk. She called 911 right there and then.

Once in the ambulance, she said Blake had a dangerously high temp of 105 degrees. She explained doctors told her his blood levels are low and that he may require a blood transfusion on this the second day of his hospitalization. She said the school failed him.

"This was not a substitute," said Ford. "This was his main teacher who I had a conference with so in your opinion no excuse, no excuse."

Here is the response from the school:

We are following up with our staff and the child’s family to discuss this specific matter, and we will ensure that we will review with our team all student health policies and protocols.

Jana Wilcox
Chief operating officer
Scholar academies