Morris Erger, Holocaust survivor: 'I never get over it'

Originally from Czechoslovakia, Morris Erger lived through two world wars.

“And that’s how I do it. One hour,” he says as he walks on the treadmill at the Jewish Community Center in Rockville.

At least three days a week you can find him there.

“And when I don’t go, I do Tai Chi. I feel it does good for me.”

Good health is important when you’re 100.

“I’m thankful that I can walk and talk at 100,” he says.

The Holocaust survivor is grateful for the little things and for every day that he might not have seen.

“I really don’t know how I survived it. I really don’t know because there were days when we didn’t eat nothing. There was nothing to eat.”

His past is so painful he would share very little other than to say he was from Czechoslovakia.

“I never forget it and I never get over it,” he says. “That’s why I keep going and I should not think about it too much.”

Instead, he concentrates on the sound of his daughter’s voice.

“She calls me every night at a quarter to eight,” he says.

He also concentrates on his granddaughter’s good grades.

“I love her. She is so good in school.”

To him, life is speeding by.

“That’s life. That’s how it is. It runs through very fast. After every bad thing comes good things.”