Morningside speed cameras removed from Suitland Road

MORNINGSIDE, Md. (WJLA) - A Prince George's County town has removed a set of controversial speed cameras along a stretch of Suitland Road.

Officials from the the town of Morningside, Md., told WTOP that the cameras were removed last week, marking the end of the town's contract with speed camera vendor Brekford.

The cameras had drawn criticism for multiple reasons. Maryland law requires speed cameras to be placed only in county-designated school zones, but Prince George's County had not designated the stretch of Suitland Road as such. In response to questions from ABC 7 about the lack of a school zone designation for the area with the cameras, town officials said that the county's notice to remove the cameras didn't arrive until the statute of limitations had already passed.

The accuracy of the now-removed speed cameras had also been questioned, as has the town's publication of the cameras' locations in a general-circulation newspaper, which is required by law.

Town officials have said that the removed cameras will be replaced with new ones from a new vendor.

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