More than 600 Virginia schools could lose full accreditation status

ALEXANDRIA, Va (WJLA) – Close to one-third of Virginia’s public schools are in danger of not receiving full accreditation this year due to poor scores on state reading and science exams.

More than 600 of the 1,800 schools in the state are likely to receive an “accredited with warning” come September, according to the Washington Post.

The poor scores are partially the result of the changes made to the difficulty level to Virginia’s Standards of Learning (SOL) tests in the last couple of years. The changes, an official with the Virginia Department of Education told the Post, were intended to benefit students and better prepare them for college and employment.

Schools that receive a downgraded accreditation will have to undergo an academic review of the school’s curriculum and their instructional practices, the Post reports. Those that do not meet full accreditation for four consecutive years have to undergo a complete performance overhaul.

The complete list of school accreditation ratings will be released in September.