More pedestrians struck by cars

The number of pedestrians struck by vehicles last year in the District was the highest since 2005, and the second highest in the last 10 years.

Most accidents occur in crosswalks with a signal, according to data provided by the District Department of Transportation.

Vehicles struck 768 people in D.C. last year, killing 14.

“You are taking your life in your own hands when you cross the street here,” Melson said.

There were 192 such accidents in the District last year where the pedestrian crossed with the light in a crosswalk and was hit, the largest share of pedestrian accidents with 26 percent. A fifth of accidents occurred where pedestrians were crossing the street outside of a crosswalk, according to DDOT data.

D.C. more dangerous for pedestrians than Baltimore and Philadelphia

A recent review of accident statistics found D.C. averaged more pedestrians struck per capita than Baltimore or Philadelphia.

“Cars don't seem to give pedestrians the right of way like they used too, I've been almost run over several times at crosswalks. It’s not safe,” said Carl Jeffries.

Driver Nadia Miret said pedestrians should be more alert. “They don't look while they are crossing,” she said.

Almost 2,000 crashes between 2008 and 2010

At the sad top of a DDOT list of most dangerous intersections for pedestrians is Martin Luther Kind and Howard Road. Thirteen people were hit here and one killed between 2008 and 2010. There were 1,975 crashes involving pedestrians during that time period, and 44 pedestrians were killed.

The city has made changes to the intersection and is retiming signals across town so the walk sign flashes before cars get the green.

“It holds those cars just three to four seconds and (pedestrians) can get out in the crosswalk and don't have to conflict with the cars that might jump the situation and try to get in front of them,” said George Branyan, pedestrian program coordinator for the DDOT.

DDOT says cars and pedestrians share the blame like they share the road. Pedestrians are to blame when they cross against the light or in front of a car with the right of way, while drivers have to watch the intersections and follow the speed limit. A person hit by a car traveling at 40 mph only has a 10 percent chance of surviving.

The map below shows some of the most dangerous intersections in D.C. On the next page, view a detailed listing of all accidents between 2008 and 2010.

Locations of crashes of cars with pedestrians, 2008 - 2010