Montgomery County State of the Schools address

Seventeen months after joining Montgomery County Public Schools, Monday morning superintendent Joshua Starr delivered his first state of the schools, laying out his vision for the future.

Starr says moving forward academics have to continue to be the priority, but not the only focus.

He says for student success, there must also be a focus on emotional and social skills as well as workplace experience.

The schools leader stressed these opportunities need to be available to every student.

As a parent to three students, Kristen Farren, was pleased with what she heard.

“I think it's a very exciting time and I think Montgomery County is on the forefront of being able to change education which is exciting,” she says.

Starr also announced new programs developed through partnerships with the community in a number of different schools including one at Thomas Edison, a financial literacy program that will allow students to learn about investing and borrowing money, skills they can use after school.

Wheaton High School is also developing new programs that ninth grader Najma Thomas is excited about.

“I'm excited sounds like these new programs will help me excel in life,” Thomas says.

Starr says the efforts to make an even greater school system can't be done alone, so he asked the community to continue to stay involved as Montgomery County exams what they're doing for students and what will work for the future.